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This will search the entire results database. Currently the database goes back as far as 1992 and is for prone rifle matches only. Final results are also shown where held. You can search for your own results or sort on any of the columns to see highest scores etc. The default sort order is by date descending.

Notes: Electronic targets were introduced in 2007, finals were first introduced for the National championships in April 2007 and for every competition from  May 2008 onwards. Counting of inner tens to break ties was introduced from May 2010. The 20 shot final was introduced in 2013 and decimal scoring for qualification rounds adopted in November 2013. The 24 shot final was adopted in 2017.

Although predominantly based in the 25 yard range in Rathdrum, the club has also run 50m matches on various ranges when available. Matches were run on an aggregate score basis and these aggregate scores are reflected in the database where the 50m scores are added to the indoor score using the 'Final' column. Rankings are based in these cases on the aggregate score.

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