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You should all have received your extension letters from the Garda Commissioner. Along with the extension, there is also a new form to be filled out: FCA1. The following is a short guide to filling the form out and submitting it.


The forms are available from the Garda Website  


First of all things with (M) are mandatory and (C) are conditional. These indications appear to be directed towards An Garda Síochána and so will be ignored unless it has a particular bearing on the applicant.

Section 1:
For most of us this will be a Firearm Certificate and we will all have held a certificate in the previous 3 years. You can enter your cert number in the box provided. For those applying for a training cert, a seperate guide will be provided.

Section 2:
Just enter all your name and address details. You need not enter address details back to when you were an infant.

Section 2.2
Enter the name and address of your GP. If you currently haven't got one, enter the details of the last GP you visited.

Section 2.3
This is conditional in that it doesn't have to be filled if it's a substitution. Remember that this is not references, but referees. That is somebody who knows you and is over 18. Make sure that whoever you put in here is aware of the fact.

Section 2.4
Previous history is mostly self explanatory. Normal road traffic offences such as parking or speeding (summary convictions) are not considered offences for the purposes of this section.

Section 2.5
This is conditional on it being a first time application, so if you already hold a licence, that's sufficient. If you are asked for proof, enter the length of time you have been shooting.

Section 3
You tick a type and a sub-type. An air rifle is Air Gun/Air Rifle, a .22 target rifle is Rifle/Bolt Action or Rifle/Single Shot and a sporting rifle would be Rifle/Repeater. For pistols, the options would be Pistol/Semi Auto or Air Gun/Air Pistol etc. The accessories section is only for those accessories that are considered firearms for the purposes of the Firearms Acts. Sights in this instance refers to laser pointing or light intensifying sights etc.

Section 3.3
Source of firearm is only filled out in the event of a substitution or first application.

Section 3.4
This section in the case of a substitution along with Section 3.3.

Section 3.5
The secure accomodation order 2009 (SI 307/2009) is available on the Garda website, NTSA documents section or the NASRPC website. Bear in mind that these are minimum standards.

Section 4.1
Note that you can put in your ammunition limit here. Details of examples of ammunition limits will be in the Garda guidelines, but for those using Air Guns, we recommend that you enter 5000 rounds and for those using .22 rimfire rifles and pistols, a limit of 1000. You may choose different limits, but these would be the minimum for those training regularly.
For joint use of a firearm, you can enter the current certificate number of the other user.

Section 4.2
For most NTSA and NASRPC members the choice should be Authorised rifle/pistol club and for target shooting. Your explanation on the type of firearm required obviously involves the specialised nature of the sports and the equipment that's used.

Section 4.3
For the present, the name of the club will be sufficient. Pulse ID's will be issuing over time, but it should not delay your application. Our authorisation is in the process of being applied for and we will inform all members when a Pulse ID is issued.

Section 4.4
The Training Certificate will be dealt with in a seperate article.

Section 5.1
This is for hunting purposes and in particular Deer hunting.

Section 5.2
Again for a firearm used for hunting and requiring land owner's permission.

The rest of the form is for Garda use only. Remember to provide passport type photographs with each form and any additional information that is required. Photographs of your firearm, details of your club attendance, competition records and results all help to back up your application. Make sure you understand the level of security that is required (the minimum for our equipment is a safe) and give details of that with your application as well.