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Paul Flanagan of Rathdrum won the Leinster Standard Pistol Match with a score of 529. This is the second highest score ever recorded in this competition to date and the day was marked by a large number of personal bests. Four of the competitors also broke 500 (another first). In second place was John O'Brien of Rathdrum with Alan Kelly of Hilltop coming third.


Leinster Standard Pistol - 11th October 2009
  150 Second20 Second10 SecondTotal
Paul FlanaganRRPC858687918793529
John O'BrienRRPC858684838785510
Alan KellyHSC879381888377509
Caroline O'BrienRRPC848685877783502
Kealan SymesRRPC868170758074466
Sandy WilsonECSC857986735163437
Joe KinaneRRPC816163684659378

The National Championships in this event will be held in Rathdrum on 15th November, so we would hope to see continued improvement in scores then.


Thanks to everyone who turned up.