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The Spring Special was won by David Franklin of DURC with a score of 132.1 (a new Irish record). This may come as a surprise to those of you who attended the competition, but an error was discovered whilst reviewing the scores after the match.

On the day, David and Conor McDermottroe were tied on the last shot and Conor won the shoot off by 1.2 points. However it was discovered later that the scores for round 6 were not included in the totals and therefore all eliminations from Round 6 onwards cannot be relied upon. With the inclusion of the Round 6 scores, David and Conor were no longer tied and since David had the higher score in the final, first place has been awarded to him.

The amended scores are in the Spring Special 2013. Because of the error, third place will not be awarded.

This was the first match held in Ireland under the new competition rules. It's unfortunate (but not surprising) that a mistake was made, but on a positive note, everyone present felt the changes were for the better. Special thanks to Barry Russell; who on short notice and even shorter training, ran the final for us.