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The inaugural Dave Cullen Memorial Trophy was won by Conor McDermottroe of DURC. In winning the trophy, Conor broke a number of records including his own record of 627.7 for a qualification round set in the last competition. He also scored 48 inner tens, breaking the previous record of 47 that was set by Gary Duff of Comber in 2012. His integer score in the qualification round of 598 also broke the previous record of 597 set by Gary Duff in 2010. Siobhan Scarlett of DURC came second and Ray Reilly of RRPC came third.

The standard for the match was very high. Had Kealan Symes been present a score in excess of 604.1 decimal, would have been required to make it through to the final. The club wishes to thank all who partcipated for their attendance at what will be an annual event. Thanks to Declan Cahill for running the final. Results as follows:

Dave Cullen Memorial 2017 Results

 Name   Club   Class   S1   S2   S3   S4   S5   S6   Qual   X   Final   Tot   Pl. 
Conor McDermottroeDURCA103.9104.7104.9104.7105.2105.4628.848248.7877.51
Siobhan ScarlettDURCA103.1101.9104.2103.5100.9104.8618.435246.7865.12
Ray ReillyRRPCA103.0103.8102.8101.899.5103.5614.429222.5836.93
Terry WearenDFSTA101.7100.0104.5102.4103.3103.3615.232200.9816.14
Sean BaldwinDFSTA103.0102.2103.699.9100.199.9608.723180.1788.85
Val PierceRRPCA99.5100.1102.0101.699.3100.0602.523156.3758.86
Peter DaynesRRPCB97.7102.199.2101.8101.3102.0604.123134.2738.37
Kealan SymesRRPCB98.597.4104.7102.7101.9103.1608.3270.0608.38
Sean MarnaneECSCC98.299.499.0101.2101.6102.0601.4190.0601.49
Liam KinsellaDRCA100.6100.796.5102.599.0101.0600.3210.0600.310
J.K. WalshDRCC98.498.398.599.493.598.4586.5110.0586.511
P.J. HardingDRCC98.095.797.494.688.898.8573.360.0573.312
Ray KaneDFSTA101.6102.098.079.872.992.5546.8110.0546.813
Declan CahillRRPCD91.892.195.985.186.978.7530.540.0530.514
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